Borderless Annual Conference

In West Africa, like in other parts of the world, growth in the economy means trade would have to be increased. This increased trade would, in turn, translate into a corresponding increase in jobs, incomes, state revenues and profits for businesses. The end result of this is the ability to improve the living standards of the people. The Borderless Alliance, its members and other stakeholders seek to have a West Africa where trucks can move goods across borders quickly, efficiently and cheaply. One sure way in achieving this is to put all hands on deck to have one voice to do effective advocacy. 

The annual conference of Borderless alliance is the main high level public-private dialogue and advocacy platform established by Borderless Alliance to bring together various stakeholders on issues related to trade and transport facilitation for a better economic integration in West Africa.

Borderless Conferences bring together dozens of key businesses and professional organizations from the private sector operating in various areas such as transport and logistics, industry, trade, finances, etc., representatives of regional economic communities (ECOWAS and UEMOA), governments and development partners in the region.

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