Bamako-­‐Dakar Corridor Road Governance Report

Road Harassment on the Dakar-­‐Bamako corridor has been documented by the UEMOA/USAID Trade Hub Road Governance initiative since July 1st 2009.

The corridor is 1387 km long of which 700 km is in Mali and 682 in Senegal. IN 2012, a study by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) found 362 km of road in good condition, 600 km in fair condition and 420 km in bad condition. The same study recorded a traffic level of 440 trucks per day at Diboli-­‐Kidira border. A study by USAID in 2011 mentioned 1.4 million tons of cargo was transported annually by road. The cargo is classified as imports and transit goods while exports represent 10% of traffic. There is railway line between Dakar and Bamako transporting about 20% of cargo from Senegal to Mali and about 95% of cotton from Mali to Dakar Port. The following graphs are based on data collected from truck drivers through the Road Governance Initiative, better known as l’Observatoire des pratiques anormales or OPA for short.